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Welcome to Man Made Diamond Engagement Ring headquarters

With a passion for diamond jewelry and custom design, our business began in 1986 creating custom designed diamond engagement rings for family, friends, and business associates. Most of our clients were, and continue to be, individuals who appreciate quality hand crafted diamond jewelry at very favorable prices. Our business has grown to where we are now serving the children of many of our clients.

Our "AH-Hah" moment. The world's finest man made diamond simulant is born!

Several years ago our clients began asking us for an alternative to larger diamonds to save money. Being purists, we rejected the idea at first. Then, something very interesting occurred. A female client asked us to replicate her expensive diamond engagement ring with "diamond-look-a-likes" so when she traveled she wouldn't have to worry about theft or loss. We knew we were onto something and embarked on a global search to find, or manufacture, the worlds finest man made diamond simulant.

Our team acquired samples of every known man made diamond on the market, then consulted with gemologists and materials analysis labs. What we found was eye opening. Most of the lab made diamonds had obvious shortcomings, some were impressive, but none met our standards and our clients expectations. We knew we had to do create a more realistic synthetic diamond and after much energy, time and resources, the "MMLDiamond" or, MML Man Made Lab Diamond simulant was born.  Independent tests show that our man made diamond looks more like a natural mined diamond than our competitor's and thus looks so real, that not even a jeweler can tell the difference (without scientific testing equipment). Results and Testing.

Feel free to browse through our website, Contact Us if you have questions and by all means search through our engagement rings.   All of our man made lab created diamond engagement rings are created with our MMLDiamond as the center stone.  The mounting that holds your MMLDiamond center stone is offered with either MMLDiamond side stones, OR 100% natural mined diamonds...a feature unique to our industry!  Of all the man made diamond simulants in the world, only the MMLDiamond simulant is worthly of being craddled in 100% natural mined diamonds!  When your friends say, "Oh, your diamond engagement rings looks gorgeous", all you have to say is, "Thank you".

To add to the breath taking beauty of your diamond engagement ring, all of our mountings are offered in either 14kt gold, platinum or palladium.

We are proud to say that all of our man made diamond engagement rings are handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Let us make the engagement ring of her dreams today.

Jan B.